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Hawaii Bill To Protect Workers Using Medical Cannabis

The law specifies that companies are allowed to make use of a fit-for-duty evaluation for something to get medical cannabis users in potentially dangerous tasks.


Last updated 12/28/2020 at 9:25pm

The step would protect employees from getting terminated from hiring discrimination because a state-approved health care Cannabis card-holder under certain states, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Saturday.

"Medical Cannabis patients face significant stigma as a result of long standing misperceptions involving Cannabis and its particular applications, fueled with way of a long standing, high priced'war on drugs' which is waged against people affected by social detriments of health," officers using the Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii said in a written report.

The law specifies that companies are allowed to make use of a fit-for-duty evaluation for something to get medical Cannabis users in potentially dangerous tasks.

It prohibits police and corrections officers, fire fighters, water security officers, emergency health workers, and some other medical care worker who could administer medication . Also excluded are some employees working with seniors, children or other susceptible inhabitants, employees who operate heavy equipment, & many truck drivers or employees.

State senators discovered similar legislative suggestions past year however they did not proceed ahead.

The state Department of Public Safety, that functions the nation prison system, compared the measure, asserting Cannabis is prohibited under national law enforcement and prohibits anybody who uses bud from owning guns or ammunition.

Many companies, for example, delivery company Matson, also increased concerns regarding accountability when their employees use bud and just work on a potentially dangerous endeavor.

"Matson's surgeries involve the use of heavy machines, which should used wrongly or under the influence of an intoxicant may lead to death or serious physical harm," company officials said, adding that the firm still keeps a strict - and - offduty zerotolerance Cannabis policy.


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