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Can Cannabis Terpenes Treat Alzheimer's Disease?

Cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids have been proven to be of beneficial properties.


Last updated 5/31/2021 at 12:54pm

Image by David Cardinez from Pixabay

Cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids have been proven to be of beneficial properties. These are known to be responsible for creating a myriad of other properties. For example, they help to create the pleasant smell that most people associate with marijuana.

One of the most recent studies found that Cannabis terpenes actually lower the body's risk of getting Alzheimer's Disease. This is significant as it stands to reason that the more you smoke, the less chance there is of getting Alzheimer's Disease.

Terpenes have been shown to be highly protective against inflammation in the body. Inflammation is generally thought to play a part in Alzheimer's Disease, but this study, which was conducted in South Africa, seems to show that it might also be something else.

Many of the new studies that are being done on this topic do not seem to agree. However, there is a conclusion that is currently clear and that is that cannabinoids from marijuana are actually helpful to treat certain types of Alzheimer's Disease.

A group known as the Alzheimer's Disease Foundation has also been known to fund the research done. Many of the Alzheimer's Association members have been found to have an interest in funding the research and this may be one way that this research gets funded. They are able to provide funding and do not even know about it.

The late co-founder of the famous drug company, RJR Nabisco, was able to send money to his college, his Alma mater, if you will, thanks to Arthur Goldstein. Goldstein was a member of the aforementioned Alzheimer's Association. The money was eventually used to fund the research.

However, another study showed that even in the case of asthma disease, Cannabis could protect against the spread of the disease. This is significant since the disorder is a symptom of many other things that might be wrong with the body. It is a condition that needs to be treated by a specialist.

Cannabis terpenes have been shown to be somewhat useful in this regard. It is true that it was not the marijuana itself that was shown to be effective, but the serpents that were present in the plants.

Terpenes are not as common as the cannabinoids, but it is not impossible for a person to be allergic to them. As such, it is necessary to avoid them.

Terpenes, if inhaled properly, should not be inhaled at all. However, this can be difficult since it is difficult to inhale the vapors with the lungs when smoking marijuana.

This study has been conducted by scientists all over the world and it is likely that there will be many more to come in the future. It is hoped that studies continue to progress in this area so that improvements can be made to improve the lives of those who suffer from this disorder.

At this point, there is no medical science as yet that indicates how Cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids can be used to treat this disease. However, it is not impossible, and it is not unlikely either.


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