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Los Angeles Chef David Wais Is Leading The Way In Cannabis Cuisine!

He is nicknamed "Chefbuds" and combines and embraces a lifestyle for the future of cooking.


Last updated 5/31/2021 at 10:59pm

Chef David Wais aka Chefbuds began his passionate culinary journey when he was born into the home of Carpathian Jewish parents in Gravesend Brooklyn NY. Growing up in the jungle of cultures and learning the crafts from the women in his family, David became enamored by Eastern European cuisine.

He didn't solely acquire skill and tact but rather a strong love for Eastern European soul food.

The two biggest influences in his career are his Mother, Caroline and his Aunt, Lilly who were both born in the Zakarpatya Mountains, where self sustainability is a necessity. They provided for themselves by producing everything from dairy products to bread in their own homes.

With the basics David took to his roots and began experimenting in the kitchen. Both influences in David's lives paved the way for the fusion eye he has today.

Chef Wais marries comfort food with a touch from many cultures. His home and natural element is by the grill, where he mastered the art of BBQ with Asian inspiration. With a natural feel for flavor profiles and cooking, David makes ordinary products extraordinary one-of-a-kind dishes.

After indulging in the personal chef industry David decided to create new and unique savory dishes incorporating different types of flower infused products in each cuisine.

He packed up his belongings and left out West to the San Francisco Bay Area to pursue his passion towards the Cannabis industry. Chef Wais is focusing solely on creating a video documentary with the talented Aaron Lynton which will portray the process of creating savory real cuisine infused foods while educating all about the Cannabis movement.

With the passion and love for diversity and his strong appreciation for fine cuisine, Chef Wais incorporates his past with his future and brings you modern day delectable Cannabis Infused fusion cuisine along with a great lifestyle of the future.

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