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Gourmet Cannabis Ice Cream Is Alive And Well

Beverly Hills Angel Haus Is Perfect For Long Hot Summer Daze!


Last updated 1/24/2021 at 10:24pm

Angel Haus ranges of flavors are increasing every day that you cannot even count the selection of flavors available with us. Angel Haus is blessed with a handful of gifted and thoughtful individuals at its top. Angel Haus Cannabis Ice Cream position itself as the most hunted Cannabis ice cream brand owes to the efforts of the VP of Operations Brenda Jackson, People like her are the heroes for us.

Angel Haus Gourmet Cannabis Ice Cream is devoted to providing quality Hemp goods and excellent support. Customer relationships, value and integrity are the cornerstones of Angel Haus Cannabis Ice Cream Company's long-lasting goal. Our duty is to set a first class medical marijuana edible firm which will not just retail medical marijuana edibles ice cream but also make accessible a wide assortment of edible baked products at affordable prices to the residence of Los Angeles and other businesses in California. We challenge ourselves to stay on the cutting edge of the Cannabis industry and use our knowledge, expertise and commitment to excellence to the best of our ability.

Ranked #1 in Taste testing in So. California. Angel Haus Flavors rages in the Hip to the Extreme. Every month Angel Haus pitches a different taste that may extremely blow your mind away. Always All-Natural with no added sugar or preservatives, and created from scratch

Ice Cream by the sea is a Pop-Up Bar venture we all do once a month with our "Angel Trikes" bicycle Catch us traveling down PCH giving out chosen Angel Haus Treats. Showing appreciation to our loyal clients.

Angel Haus Gourmet Cannabis Ice Cream utilizes only the freshest ingredients. GMO Free, No Artificial Flavors, or Preservatives, Free Range Eggs, and Made from Happy Cows!


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