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A Budding Cannabis Dining Experience via Chicago Chef

Chef Manuel Mendoza Shares His Many Years of Experience


Last updated 12/28/2020 at 10:20pm

A Chicago chef's infusing foods with bud to make a dining experience you will never forget, while teaching the general public concerning this plant.

Chef Manuel Mendoza began Herbal Notes, also a tropical dinner encounter in Chicago.

"I needed to bridge exactly what I really like to do -- that can be to cook and nourish people and nurture folks -- using something which I really loved, that had been cannabis," Mendoza said.

Mendoza grew up in Chicago's Pilsen community, along with also his Mexican and Salvadorian heritage affects a whole lot of the food he gets.

Mendoza's objective is to teach individuals on Cannabis in addition to advocate for individuals of colour that are imprisoned for non-violent marijuana-related crimes.

Herbal Notes is a communal dinner experience centered around culinary exploration and genuine relationships, both new and old.

Their mission is to cultivate awareness of the healing power that comes from combining community, food, music and Cannabis.

They create beautiful and educational experiences where all people can find common ground and engage in a shared, meaningful dialogue surrounding topics that affect the community - from Cannabis reform and equality to urban gardening, food sustainability and agriculture.


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