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Spotlight: Canuvo Dispensary Has A Passion For Educaton

Founder Glenn Petersen is a tireless advocate both in Maine and nationally for people to have safe choices when it comes to accessing cannabis.


Last updated 5/31/2021 at 12:08pm

Canuvo is one of 8 licensed Dispensaries in the state of Maine. They are vertically integrated, which means they cultivate, manufacture, and retail their own products. It all starts with their cultivation facility, which is state of the art. Best practices include naturally grown Cannabis (no pesticides), super clean environment, and top-notch genetics. They employ strict standards throughout the entire cultivation and post-production process to ensure the highest quality medical grade Cannabis and Cannabis infused products. Their edibles and tinctures are crafted with the same high standards as their flowers.

It all begins with their plants! "We can't confirm that Cannabis is stronger now than it was 20 years ago, but we can share that it is much cleaner!" Long gone are the days of growing marijuana in basements or out in fields. Their cultivation practice is supported by standard operating procedures, which balance a myriad of factors that contribute to delivering consistent, high quality, and safe medicine.

The Canuvo cultivation advantage builds its foundation upon two equally important pillars. First, the custom-designed, industry leading facility at which they cultivate allows Canuvo to provide top of the line, pure, and clean Cannabis without the need for any pesticides or even preventative treatments. Second, the professional training, background, and approach of their cultivation team sets their garden apart.

The most important aspect of growing clean, consistent medicinal Cannabis is environmental control. The Canuvo cultivation facility boasts a custom-designed integrated climate system, which provides set-point control of temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and airflow. Additionally, they filter all water used in cultivation through Reverse Osmosis to remove any foreign chemicals commonly found in Maine drinking water, such as fluoride, chlorine, arsenic or radon. Reverse Osmosis also allows the cultivation facility to recycle water that would otherwise be wasted. Canuvo also utilizes Ultra Violet light in the air stream (never exposed to plants or people) to continuously filter our facility in order to prevent any random spores or bacteria from ever gaining a foothold. Because of the proper environmental controls in their cultivation facility, they never need to use pesticides on our medical Cannabis.

Every member of the cultivation team has at minimum a Bachelor's Degree in a field of science or medicine applicable to their responsibilities. Additionally, several members of the cultivation team hold post-graduate degrees in Plant Science or Horticulture. Their professional training and knowledge base provides an invaluable resource for the growing of medical Cannabis. The Canuvo team has a deep educational foundation, coupled with years in the garden. For almost any situation that occurs in their garden, their experienced growers will have a full understanding of how and why it may be happening. This gives them the advantage to anticipate and prevent problems from occurring that other gardens would chronically fight. Regardless of the topic, whether they are talking about the chemistry of nutrient uptake, best practices to adopt, or optimal CO2 levels throughout the flowering cycle, the Canuvo team is at the top of their game.

Canuvo was started by Glenn Peterson in 2011. Glenn's mission is to provide patients with options when choosing medicinal grade Cannabis for health and well being. He is a tireless advocate both in Maine and nationally for people to have safe choices when it comes to accessing cannabis.


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