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Governor of Tennessee Signs Bill To Expand State's Medical Marijuana Program

Gov. Bill Lee (R) signed off on a bill to expand the state’s limited CBD program and create a commission to study broader medical marijuana legalization. The bill will allow... — Updated 6/6/2021

 By KayaHub Editor    News

Cannabinoids, Phenolics, Terpenes and Alkaloids of Cannabis

Cannabis sativa is one of the oldest medicinal plants in the world. It contains a complex mixture of secondary metabolites, including cannabinoids and non-cannabinoid-type... — Updated 6/6/2021

 By KayaHub Editor    Health

Cannabis may be effective in reducing behavioral symptoms associated with dementia

A series of patients suffering from frontotemporal dementia* may show reduced anxiety and improved mood following treatment with cannabis. These patients were prescribed cannabis... — Updated 6/6/2021

 By KayaHub Editor    News 

New Hampshire Governor Expands Medical Cannabis Program

-Republican Governor Chris Sununu signed HB 89, which will go into effect July 21. -Under this new law, physicians will be allowed to authorize patients who have moderate or severe... — Updated 6/1/2021

 By KayaHub Editor    News 

Green Flower Partners with Syracuse University

With massive growth in the cannabis industry and a shortage of qualified workers, many universities see an opportunity. In 2020, Green Flower, the leader in cannabis education,... — Updated 5/31/2021


Los Angeles Chef David Wais Is Leading The Way In Cannabis Cuisine!

Chef David Wais aka Chefbuds began his passionate culinary journey when he was born into the home of Carpathian Jewish parents in Gravesend Brooklyn NY. Growing up in the jungle of... — Updated 5/31/2021

 By KayaHub Editor    News

Cannabis In Humboldt County and Investing

To find out about the great opportunities in the Cannabis Humboldt County and when is the best time to invest you need to know more about it. This is because with all the... — Updated 5/31/2021


Special Report: Sports In The Age Of Cannabis

We, as a nation, are changing the way we feel about cannabis. Gone are the days of Reefer Madness, the hysteria of the War on Drugs. As more and more states decriminalize and... — Updated 5/31/2021

 By KayaHub Editor    Education 

Veriheal's 2021 $20,000 Innovation in Cannabis Higher Education Scholarship Fund

Veriheal announced a $20,000 Innovation in Cannabis scholarship to fund students pursuing degrees in the cannabis industry. The scholarship doubled from last year's amount to offer... — Updated 5/31/2021

 By J.Crowe    Health

Can Cannabis Terpenes Treat Alzheimer's Disease?

Cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids have been proven to be of beneficial properties. These are known to be responsible for creating a myriad of other properties. For example, they... — Updated 5/31/2021


Users Of Alcohol Prefer Cannabis

-One-third of respondents said they prefer cannabis to alcohol. -42% of respondents started consuming cannabis or increased their use since the beginning of the pandemic. -54% had s... — Updated 5/31/2021


Jay-Z Enters The Cannabis Market With Monogram

"Cannabis has been around for thousands of years, yet it is still an industry whose legacy of skilled craftmanship is often overlooked," JAY-Z said in the press release. "I created... — Updated 5/31/2021

 By J.Crowe    Business

Spotlight: Canuvo Dispensary Has A Passion For Educaton

Canuvo is one of 8 licensed Dispensaries in the state of Maine. They are vertically integrated, which means they cultivate, manufacture, and retail their own products. It all... — Updated 5/31/2021


New Sparkling CBD Drink Brand Called Veryvell

A non-alcoholic sparkling drink called Veryvell was launched by Molson Coors Beverage Company as part of a joint venture with Hexo Corp. Hexo Corp is an award-winning consumer... — Updated 5/31/2021

 By KayaHub Editor    Politics 

Federal Cannabis Legalization Bill Proposed In U.S. House

-More Act -crafted with an emphasis on empowering states to enact their own cannabis policies. -Removes penalties for cannabis possession, clear some cannabis-related criminal... — Updated 5/31/2021


SweetWater Brewing Company Makes Their Mark In The Cannabis Space

The deal is expected to close by the end of 2020. The "420 Strain" brands are the central focus of Ontario based Aphria, which started with 420 Strain G13 IPA. This acquisition is... — Updated 1/24/2021

 By K.Crowe    Food & Dining

Gourmet Cannabis Ice Cream Is Alive And Well

Angel Haus ranges of flavors are increasing every day that you cannot even count the selection of flavors available with us. Angel Haus is blessed with a handful of gifted and... — Updated 1/24/2021


CBD for Arthritis Pain: What You Should Know

What is CBD? CBD, short for cannabidiol, is an active compound found in the cannabis plant. CBD is not intoxicating but may cause some drowsiness. The CBD in most products is... — Updated 12/29/2020


A Budding Cannabis Dining Experience via Chicago Chef

A Chicago chef's infusing foods with bud to make a dining experience you will never forget, while teaching the general public concerning this plant. Chef Manuel Mendoza began... — Updated 12/28/2020


California Department of Tax and Fee Admin Numbers

The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) reported revenue numbers for cannabis sales for the 1st Quarter of 2020. As of May 15, 2020, California's cannabis ex... — Updated 12/28/2020


Hawaii Bill To Protect Workers Using Medical Cannabis

The step would protect employees from getting terminated from hiring discrimination because a state-approved health care cannabis card-holder under certain states, the Honolulu... — Updated 12/28/2020


STUDY: Effects of Cannabis During COVID‑19 For Mothers

The restrictions and uncertainties associated with the current COVID‑19 pandemic are undoubtedly adding to those fears and worries, said Celestina Barbosa‑Leiker, an associate... — Updated 12/28/2020


Getting Started with Marijuana and CBD

Chances are good that you’ve heard a lot in recent years about medical marijuana and cannabidiol, or CBD, as it’s usually known. But even if you’ve seen the news, it can be... — Updated 12/18/2020

 By Dawn DeBois    Health

SERIES:Cannabis And Dawn DeBois LEMS Pain Managment

This is part one of a two part series from Dawn DeBois. When Dawn was diagnosed with Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome in 2016, she realized how lonely it was not having anyone to t... — Updated 6/5/2020


Canadian Cannabis Sales Jumped in March

Canadian cannabis sales jumped in March as buyers stocked up on recreational marijuana amid supply concerns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Statistics Canada said Friday Canadians... — Updated 6/4/2020


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