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About KayaHub Examiner

KayaHub is a multi media digital agency and media service. We exist to connect consumers with legitimate cannabis businesses in a respectful, forward-thinking manner. Our mission is to KNOW, HEAL and ENJOY. Knowing is education and knowing where that plant is sourced whether it be cannabis or hemp. Heal focuses on the healing properties of the plant and the healing of our cultural attitudes toward cannabis. Enjoy is exactly what it is.

Our group is committed the lifestyle, culture and the responsible engagement with the plant. We are a creative group born in Northern California so we know a little bit about cannabis:) and what the growing market place is looking for. We have created KayaHub.com to connect and inform the industry of everything that is going on in the industry. We provide all marketing services and unique ways to get your message to the right target.

We are a news provider because we believe communication is the number one factor in the industry. The KayaHub Examiner is an online news publisher planning growth in key markets across the U.S in 20/21 (https://www.kayahubexaminer.com). Our media consists of four online broadcast music stations covering Classic Rock, Adult Alternative, Classic Hits and Retro New Wave. KayaHub stations give our advertisers a place to brand without any boundaries. Our clients are not just businesses, but they are family. We work with awarding winning cannabis farms and companies who trust KayaHub to position them in the market place to succeed in the ever-changing industry.

Our goal is to help make cannabis marketing and advertising look and feel amazing. We are committed to being the change agents the industry needs to establish the freedom to market legitimate cannabis businesses everywhere.

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